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Sicilian-American-sister-poet activists Gabriella Belfiglio, Phyllis Capello & Paola Corso celebrate Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s legacy (1919-2021) and vision of free speech and poetry to and for the people through interactive community happenings with spoken word, music, movement, art, and call and response participation. Through performance art, The Ferlinghetti Girls invite participation in urban spaces. They ask and document as Ferlinghetti did in his poem, "Dove Sta Amore," where love is in communal and individual lives. By bringing poetry out into the public gaze, their mission is to inspire those who might not seek it on their own.

The Ferlinghetti Girls at the Mermaid Parade, Coney Island

L to R Phyllis Capello, Paola Corso, Gabriella Belfiglio, Coney Island

Ferlinghetti's A Coney Island of the Mind 

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