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On the Way Up: City Steps, City Immigrants Video

Heinz History Center with Lee Ann Draud

 Project Stream Grant Award

Sprout Fund Seed Grant

Steppin Stanzas, cofounded by poets Paola Corso and Andrew Edwards, is a grant-awarded poetry and arts project celebrating Pittsburgh public steps and the city’s heritage, diversity, and distinctive geography. Along with its three rivers, Pittsburgh’s hills and nearly 750 public stairways are its most defining characteristics. Steppin Stanzas events take place on city steps to offer a new way for residents to experience the landscape of their neighborhood and bring art to a venue that few other cities can offer. With Director Michael DiLauro, produced "On the Way Up: City Steps, City Immigrants" (See link) Most recently, Corso has teamed up with Steppin Stanzas historian Lee Ann Draud to offer poetry and history talks at libraries and various venues such as the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh. 

Paola Corso reads from her poetry book, Vertical Bridges, and below, Lee Ann Draud gives a talk about city steps at the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh. 

Bottom Paola Corso, Aaron Lefebvre, Top Andrew Edwards, Sahra DeRoy

Tea Ceremony Artist Keiko Maeda

Belly Dance Artist Sahra DeRoy

Percussionist Koku Kuwanu

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